My late start

( Intro )

So I’ve just hit 20 weeks so I guess you could call this my slightly late start to my ‘ The begining, the middle , birth and beyond’ blog 🌱

My notes from the first few weeks of this wonderful pregnancy are all hand wrote , in a little book of big ideas 🌼 which I will probably come back to as this pregnancy progresses

This is my first time writing on a blog app of any kind so here goes. .

Our second planned pregnancy has been an absolute joy , despite the sickness and mood swings at the start which I was lucky to see fade away after the ninth week. My growing belly is alot bigger this pregnancy compared to my first , ive heard alot of mum’s say their pregnant tummies are bigger sooner the second time around and this much for me is true. As soon as 8 weeks I needed maternity trousers!

This pregnancy is a very different experience to my first. I was very young when I had my first little bundle of joy at only 18, I thought I was ready as do a lot of young mum’s I think at that age. Only to find out I was in over my head from day one. I needed lots of guidance and help from my mother. Someone I am very thankful to of had at hand to help me through it. I am not at all ashamed to say I needed help , I think sometimes we can be so stuck in the now and the overwhelming feeling of what’s going on we don’t take enough time to prepare ourselves for the after chapter especially with our first pregnancy and child.

This is my late start at 20 weeks and 2 days on my journey through my second pregnancy and attempting to do my best to keep track and blog my experience of the wonderful journey ahead for myself my children and partner



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