About me 🌻

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Welcome to my ‘ The begining, middle , birth and beyond’ blog  🌱

A little about me 

Im 23 years of age from Cornwall, I have lived here all my life. I grew up in and around Truro and Newquay and currently live in between the two in my own little house with my own little family. I have one little boy called Oliver who is the apple of my eye as is his dad . My boys are my world , and we are currently expecting our second little trouble maker … At present I am 22 weeks pregnant with my second boy.

Growing up for me was difficult, family life at home was a struggle for my young self. I grew up to make a lot of mistakes as those closest to me know well. But nearly six years later Ive finally left all my demons behind and am building a future for myself , my partner and our boys. I couldn’t be more contempt with my life. What will be will be, and if the weather changes I always have an umbrella and a hot coco 🌂💕


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