Today is the day 🌱

Spilt cereal, laundry on every step of the stairs , pens , paper , and toys covering the carpet . Another typical hectic morning getting my son ready for school. Today is the day. Today is the day I test. I’m already in a good mood. Alarm went off at half seven giving us an hour to get our shit together . But alas turning over to wake my son at the sound of my alarm didn’t go to plan. His heavy breathing and the silent atmosphere made it impossible for me to wake him. I let him sleep. To beautiful to wake. Another half an hour is fine.

So we come to 8am up we get. Rush our breakfasts , uniform on , teeth brushed , lunch packed – and out the door. Nope…. Forgot to choose a toy. Back inside for the carefully selected toy which will be presented to his teacher and classmates and finally out the door! Off to school. Goodbye . The guilt of the rush , the guilt of the feeling of bliss that came over me that morning that my little one was at school for the best part of the day giving me time to get my life together.

A trip to the supermarket for a few bits and the standard pregnancy test. I always find it so embarrassing buying pregnancy tests. I hide it under my purse in the basket.

“Eggs , milk , chocolate spread , pregnancy test”

I go over my list in my head. “But if it’s positive , I’ll need to know how many weeks ” my periods have never been let’s say regular. Another pregnancy test in the basket. This time a clear blue one. That’s it.

So now I’m back home , I’ve drank a whole bottle of water on the way back to prepare for the life changing wee

If I’m honest with myself , I really didn’t need to do a test. I knew inside I was pregnant. A few tell tale signs were already surfacing and I knew what the test would say. Three minutes went by like three seconds and I took a look. There they were . My two little pink lines. And on the clear blue a “pregnant 2-3 weeks” alert. Needles to say I was over the moon. Consumed with joy. Practically chucking the pee stick at my partner to confirm our second planned pregnancy had indeed worked. I received a great smile as he stares at the two pink lines . Both filled with joy at our new little bundle confirmation.

Here we go again

A new life begins



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