Symptoms and the first few weeks🌱

( The begining )

So looking back through my little book of big ideas my symptoms this time around were pretty much screaming at me

They consisted of cramps, tender breasts (really early on! Talking 2-3 days after conception), my face aching every morning when I woke up was a seriously weird one! My cheeks and around my mouth would ache so much .. and obviously achy lower tummy. After quite a few months of trying I was convinced this month was the month. And sure thing it was. The first few weeks were fine, apart from worrying myself sick like most mum’s I think , the 12 week wait that comes after the 2 week wait was pretty crappy… My morning sickness started at six weeks and three days, starting with just nausea then turning into full blown chundering every time I went out in the car. A very annoying but reassuring sign. I read in so many places that women with morning sickness especially accompanied by actual sickness had a higher chance of having a healthy pregnancy then those without. But this was disputed. So remembering to take a plastic bag with me every time I ventured out was a nightmare. Not to mention some of the bags I did pick up rushing out the door I would later find to have a few holes in.. whoops

At eight weeks I pretty much lost my symptoms, the sickness the sore breasts .. everything. So I rang the midwives and booked a early scan. Ironically the morning of the scan I was feeling optimistic and made myself a strawberry and banana smoothie to take in the car as I didn’t feel like eating. Half way to the hospital for my scan we had to pull over and I had to jump out and .. yup.. be sick at the side of the road. So much for symptoms disappearing. I didn’t mention this to the sonohrapher incase she thought I was wasting their time. Then there he was . Although we didn’t know the gender at the time , my little boy was alive and healthy , heart beating away and we left with a picture. So the moral of the story here is although loss of symptoms in some cases certainty are cause for concern, sometimes symptoms appear and disappear… Symptoms are rascals.

By the ninth week they really had disappeared and my sickness didn’t return at all. I took it as a blessing and waited out the remaining three weeks. Our twelve week scan was amazing and our little bean was wriggling away like never before. So apart from the sickness and having to wear maternity trousers from as early as 8 weeks. All was well in the little world of the womb 🌱💕


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