Planning and Tell tales 🌱

( Planning the begining )

The ” This month it’ll happen” voice in my ear month after month. Least to say a little exhausting planning a life. Tips from the internet , tips from books , other mum’s successful remedies .. I read them all .. even on my second pregnancy. I have already achieved one succeful pregnancy , but the planning of a 18 year old inexperienced me was very different to the planning of 23 year old me, and this time around it was taking longer . With my first baby I fell pregnant the first month trying. This time it was taking several …

When planning a child I think it’s safe to say some of us forget to take a breath. My little boy will be turning four next year my constant reminder to try not to leave the age gap to big. The “having a baby malarcy” isn’t always easy , relaxing , and sometimes feels far from natural. I did already have my wonderful son. So maybe I was being selfish wanting another so bad so soon. But this is what it is. This is how I felt. I wanted a sibling for my son. A companion, a brother , a sister , a friend and I myself wanted the smell of new born in my arms , the crying , the nursing and everything that came with it.

After five months of stress and obsessive planning I gave up. “ When you stop stressing and trying it will happen” other mother’s wrote on websites. I didn’t give up for this reason . I gave up because the simple but obsessive planning of intercourse eventually took away the enjoyment and made what we enjoyed feel like a chore, a scheduled chore. Things quickly returned to normal once I binned the planning and googling. Although my longing was still there I was content with life. January came . Wouldn’t you know it … tiny but noticeable tell tale signs . Signs I didn’t know to look for with my first.

Aching … Sharp pains … Tiredness … The usual tell tales

The two week wait.. well this was just as bad as everyone says. I wasn’t necessarily counting down days . But the urge to test was quite strong after a few little signs .. making the two week wait seem a lifetime. I managed to wait 14 days just to be sure before I tested. But on that 14th day I’d meet two pink lines that would confirm my suspicions 🌱🌼


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