Textbook Vs the truth 💬

( Second trimester truths )

The second trimester is for many the most relaxing , care free and ‘enjoyable’ time of the pregnancy. But is this always the case ? Some of my pregnancy books boast reports of bursts of energy , better skin, thicker hair, a calm sense of being along side other wonderful effects. In my personal experience … my energy levels are honestly failing me , no sudden bursts of ‘Wow this is fantastic I feel great! Where has all this energy come from!’ Although I feel amazing on the inside knowing what my body is producing my energy bursts are lacking!

Skin? My skin hasn’t always been the best , ever since secondary school I’ve suffered with a few pimples here and there. So my skin is pretty much the same as always, every morning and evening I wash my face with a face wash and warm water then apply a slightly expensive face cream. Justifying spending the amount I do on this said face cream is often a struggle but it works so I do it anyway. Spots aren’t the problem at the moment, it’s the ‘Mask of pregnancy’ that’s screaming from my face , blotchy , pasty red patch’s on my skin which I’ve heard other women refer to as the mask of pregnancy. The cream I use targets redness and reduces it and since using it I have seen a difference.

My hair on the other hand definitely is thicker .. which is great. However my hair is so thick at the moment that the ends are constantly becoming tangled therefore I’m brushing my hair 3-4 times a day resulting in the loss of lots of my ends making it pretty hard to grow at the moment .. obviously I’m lagging it in coconut oil after every bath and shower to keep the moisture in and keep it somewhat soft and more manageable but alas no matter how big my effort my hair just seems to keep getting thicker and tangled.

Sense of calm? Oh how lovely for you dear , where did you get it and how much? My sense of calm at the moment is walking out of B&M with 5-6 house plants in my arms ready to take home and place around the house to go with the other 10-15 I bought the day before… Yep this is becoming a problem. I’ve developed an unusual inedible craving for houseplants ? I need the air to be cleansed and purified before my baby arrives !!!! Urghhh… Calm? Yes I’d say I’m very calm. Despite my addiction to plants going on, buying paint is another one of my calming must do’s … Paint to redecorate the baby’s new play room. Sorry did I say playroom? I meant whole house. There is a baby coming so the WHOLE house needs repainting. I need my walls to match my baby’s newness! What has become of me. I’m going for duck egg and yellows … With oak shelves and lots and lots of PLANTS 🌵the baby will appreciate it.

So the textbook Vs the truth… In my case doesn’t really add up. There was nothing about an addiction to plants and paint? Tangled hair , blotchy skin. Maybe it’s time to buy more green tea.. or maybe it’s time to send my other half to buy more green tea incase I come home with a bonsai tree instead 🌱


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