Little big problems of magical creatures 🌼

( second trimester problems )

Growing and growing and growing .. a wonderful amazing thing to be able to watch your tummy get bigger and bigger knowing the little life inside is growing bigger by the day. Learning new things , each week a milestone for its development. Getting ready to make his grand arrival into my world. Amazing.

However .. I now no longer fit into most of my clothes. Yes duhhh.. this is all part of it and up until now not been to big of a problem. I’ve plenty of baggy jumpers etc which are more then satisfactory for my growing bump. However .. outgrowing my pants are a different kind of amazing. In fact I’d replace amazing with annoying. Thongs, panties , breifs they are all now to tight for my growing thighs and abdomen. I never knew a problem so small and easily solvable could be so upsetting . Hormones clearly have nothing to do with it… the feeling of not being comfy in pants is so bloody annoying and frustrating! But.. like I said easily solvable, a underwear and nightwear shop is now overdue!

So is it just me or is it a second time pregnancy thing? Ive recently discovered that I’m lactating already .. at 23 weeks Ive already had to stock up and start using breast pads! Which came as a bit of a shock as I don’t remember using breast pads until 8 months of pregnancy the first time around. Probably doesn’t help that both of my nipples are pierced (tmi) and I intend to keep them in until my little one is here. And take them out etc clean them in-between feeds. I’ve done a lot of research on this subject and from what I can gather most of the information suggests there’s no harm in keeping them. Apart from much bigger breasts (which I’m not moaning about) and having to wear breast pads alot sooner (which I am moaning about) I am now struggling to sit in any position in any place. Yes my bump is literally getting in the way of everything even sitting down to watch Tele. Even leaning back in a recliner is a ballache at this stage, and I’m only at 23 weeks! I can’t bend over to put socks on, tie my son’s shoe laces or do anything that consists of me bending over or reaching below my boobs! It’s a draining and emotional time to not be able to do such simple things. But all part of this amazing progress.

So after a little moan and a rant on some of the more unpleasant symptoms of which is this pregnancy which others may relate to.. a few ‘little big problems’ and a few more embarrassing ones I’ve not mentioned or intend to go into much detail about … Not being able to shave properly .. crying at being overwhelmed by baby blankets in Aldi .. and the Braxton Hicks every night without fail! I am still totally in love with being pregnant, my pregnant body and all the hormones that come with it. We are well into the weeks now and I have been taking a photo of my tummy every week or two since finding out in January and seeing the process of them all one after another is truly amazing. There is nothing more magical then the female anatomy and the way we can produce a heart, a brain, eyes , ears .. a little human , a life.

We are indeed magical creatures. We need to remember no matter how much our skin stretches , no matter how irritated or emotional we get it is all for a good cause. The greatest cause, creating a life is a massive deal. Learning to care for that life more then your own , even before he or she is here yet is the most overwhelming experience ever. It takes a lot of courage and selflessness to grow a human and then after raise it. We will get tired , we will get bigger , rounder .. our tummys will stretch leaving us with white stripes to mark the change our bodies went through. So we never forget what we did, how our amazing bodies changed to accommodate the little growing life inside us.. and even after we have completed the mission of growing our little ones our mission continues for decades more. Continuing to care and nourish that life till the end. Our bodies are amazing and we need to remember this and appreciate the amazing changes our bodies make for the ones we love 



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