Honey and lemon 🍋

( Over half way )

So I am now over half way through this amazing journey, and although it is amazing and I am still so in love with this experience.. I am starting  to notice little signs I might be slightly over doing it.

I am a very organized mum. I have managed the same routine for years and it works.. I get very irritated and uncomfortable when it becomes disorganized.. when we fall behind time. It completely tampers with my mood. There is probably a technical name for this kind of behaviour but I’m putting it down to being extra hormonal at the moment. Yes , I do have my days when I throw my hands up and say “screw it” … Laundry will wait on the stairs for a day or two, and dishes will fill the sink till the morning. But on school nights ? Definitely not. Tea time is between 5:00pm and 5:30pm then I do the dishes, put the bins and recycling out. Run a bath for my son, wash , dry and clean PJ’s for him. Then I put him in bed with a film while I prep his lunch and sort his clean uniform for the morning. If I’ve got time in-between all this I’ll ‘potter tidy’ as I go. Then it’s lights out at 8:00pm for bed. That’s the routine…

However recently I can feel my unborn baby literally draining my energy from me. I would rather lie on the sofa until 6:00pm without thinking about tea ! Which is very unlike me. I just can’t seem to get my crap together. I’m feeling dizzier quicker, sudden hot flushes .. feeling breathless very suddenly and Panic attacks are becoming a thing ? Plus the nesting… Don’t even get me started. Redecorating is a lot of work. Replastering, painting , new decor and interior… Everything must be perfect.

Time is quickly ticking away and my little unborn baby is now putting on six ounces a week! Six ounces!!! I can now feel him in my ribs and just under my breasts. I can’t sit down comfortably at all. He is literally taking up my whole belly at the moment. But with putting on six ounces a week ..I guess he would. Not much has changed in regards to symptoms apart from energy lacking but that’s been a symptom for a while. My gums are swollen some days due to extra blood flow from baby. But lots of brushing and flossing works for me instead of antibiotics or tablets. Since being pregnant I’ve not touched any tablets or medicine. All natural remedies like salt water for oral hygiene and honey and lemon for colds etc. I like to think of all the lovely things about being pregnant as the honey in this post and the not so lovely things as the lemon. But combine these two ingredients and you get a remedy, a antibiotic , a little bit of heaven, a homemade magic.  All in all I’m feeling pretty great. Apart from the ‘episodes’ are still occuring . Now more then ever intact. I have one at least once or twice a day and it’s hell. Absolute hell. But I’m trying to take it easy and remember that it’s just baby growing , asking for that little bit more off me every day. I am so excited for my due date. It seems so long away when in fact it’s just around the corner and although I am completely ready and prepared down to the last newborn nappy and teether. I know I’m going to miss my bump so much when he does make his arrival into my world.

That’s a thing you know… The baby that’s in your tummy feels like almost a different baby to the one you give birth to. It’s strange and somewhat unexplainable but that’s how I felt with my first. I was pregnant with my first baby for nine months obviously then once he was born it was like he was a completely different baby to the one I felt was inside my tummy. Or he had reached a different stage and the baby that was in my tummy was gone and this new beautiful baby that I could put a face and a name to was my new baby. Strange but this is what I felt. Maybe it’s because I hadn’t planned a name before birth with my first? .. nameless .. faceless as I hadn’t yet laid eyes on my little one. This time we have already chosen our little ones name before birth, and although I’ve not seen him apart from scans I can already picture how he will be on the day. I feel him kick and punch me all day and night. He is definitely a very active baby. Which is always a good thing. I love feeling him dance and move about when my son and partner talk to him through my tummy that carries him.

So we are pretty much all prepared. Although we still have 15-16 weeks left before his arrival we could not be more prepared. It’s such an amazing feeling being this organized . Our first pregnancy was so different to this. We have done the baby shop, including baby’s essentials ( nappies , clothes pampering bits , creams , and everything in-between).. baby furniture shop ( crib , travel system , next to me cot , wardrobe , bath, sling, loungers and everything in-between) . Unnecessary but necessary baby bits shop as I like to call it ( breast pump, plants to purify baby’s air, Ewan the sheep sleep friend , cot bumpers , new blankets , paint , new bedding and lots of other unnecessary but some necessary stuff) some of it just to make me happy and comfortable. This is a new start and like I said in previous posts. I need new things to match this new chapter in our lives. Ridiculous but oh so NECESSARY

Still one or two milestones to go before birth.. the baby shower is happening in August which is being planned by my amazing sister’s. Then I’m having a bump painting which I cannot wait for! I have already planned and wrote out our birth plan and after plan. All that’s left is to pack the hospital bag in a few weeks so that’s all ready to go and finish redecorating the house before our little one makes his grand entrance into our lives. I have already wrote a post about my birth plans and what’s in my hospital bag which I plan to publish a little later on nearer my due date. All in all this is me at almost 25 weeks pregnant with baby number two and besides a few moans I am still in absolute awe of this experience, the changes my body continues to go through every day. My growing belly, the kicks and punches from my baby , my aching ribs , my uncontrollable nesting , my swollen gums and lack of energy to do anything. This is me growing a human. There is no right or wrong way. Just relax , take things day by day and don’t over do it! When you feel your body clock sounding an alarm .. sit down .. lie down.. leave the dishes.. leave the washing. Remember this is your body’s way of saying slow down , take a minute . Your baby is taking all your energy without you realising . Lie in bed a little longer tomorrow or take the day off work to lie in bed for the WHOLE day if you want. We are human. We can only do so much. But what us women are capable of doing and creating is true magic 🌱


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