The last update 🌺

(37 weeks + 5)

So here we are .. the last update before childbirth. I am currently 37 weeks and 5 days. Never thought I’d get to this point and yet the whole pregnancy seems to have flashed before my eyes. My little one is now ‘full term’ and ready for birth. He’s moving around and squirming for space more then ever and although I love to watch my tummy move around especially in the evenings when he’s most active.. it is starting to feel a little uncomfortable and somewhat painful depending on which position he decides to move into. All in all I’m feeling fantastic. So so excited to meet my youngest babe, and to introduce him to his big brother. It’s going to be the most amazing moment of my life. The moment my two babies meet.

So in my last post, I was sleeping on a matteress in our lounge as the bedroom was being redecorated. I can now confirm after months and months the bedroom is complete! Walls have been plastered, painted, brand new carpet laid, and we are now all sleeping in our own beds which is BLISS!! All of the baby bits have been organised and clothes washed. Everything is prepared and ready for the big day, and with time to spare!! Less then three weeks .. but still time to spare. Hero’s!

Symptoms have took a weird turn.. somewhat going back to first trimester feelings and problems. I’ve had nausea and even vomiting some nights and extreme tiredness. Both of which aren’t making me feel great. I am still suffering with quite bad SPD and aching legs, cramps in my legs , lightening crotch, sharp twinges very low down and a shit load of Braxton Hicks. My little one is extremely low down, my tummy has completely dropped and he is currently bobbing in and out of my pelvis. He’s engaged but sometimes manages to pop back out then back in again. I’ve heard this is extremely common with second and even third babies. The twinges and tightening I’m feeling are what I think early contractions but I’m hanging on in there. I can tell when I’m having Braxton Hicks obviously which are happening quite regularly but these are very different. We can only wait and see…

Week 37 is an amazing milestone in fetal life, pregnancy meets the finish line as baby is classed as full term and childbirth can begin at anytime. It’s very exciting but also makes me very anxious. I can just tell my little one is ready. The way he moves around in my tummy stretching out my sides , rolling and squirming, punching and litreally lifting my skin is all him letting me know it’s not going to be long and he is ready to meet us. When he hears his brother singing or reading him stories, or his dad making me laugh and cracking bad jokes he moves the most. I just know he can’t wait to meet us all. Not long now little one..

I have to admit I’m being very lazy with this posting , I’m at the point where the end is so close and I’m just itching for it to be over now. I’ve enjoyed every single second of every minute of this pregnancy. It’s been the best experience of my life. More so then my first , I really am the happiest I have ever been. I love my boys so much, all three of them and I am high on life. This pregnancy has brought us so much joy and excitement and brought us all that little bit more closer as a family, however I am now very heavy, very big, very tired, and very sore. I’m aching all the time. I’m sleeping none. Im lucky to get 3-4 hours sleep a night. I starting to feel emotionally drained as I near the last two weeks. I would be happy and very relieved if he would make an appearance soon. We’ve said all the way along we had a feeling he would be early. Somewhat ridiculously early but he has managed to stay put and cook which is a relief and a shock. My mind has now changed on when he’ll arrive, although he’s engaged and very very low I think he’s going to be a little cheeky and make us wait past his due date.. which is going to be very painful for me.. as I am already starting to feel like my body is falling apart . Another 2-4 weeks of this is starting to seem impossible. Not that much else to report on, hospital bags, pram, and carseat have all been loaded into the car, my partner is on standby everyday at work, and our birthplan Is all set. It’s now all on him.. my little one. When he will decide the time is right.

My son and partner cannot wait any longer and are much like me, getting bored and just want him to arrive now. Every twinge or pain I have my partner jumps around as if it’s time, Google’s the symptom etc constantly asks our unborn baby when he’s coming .. when he will be here. My son is the same. Constant when’s and how longs .. we like to go for family walks quite a lot which always seems like a good idea for getting the ball rolling , but alas it never works and I only end up exhausted and aching in the evening. It’s all fun and games really. So this is my last posting before birth. Mother nature will decide when and all we can do is wait now, for our newest little member to decide when he wants to meet us. I intend to carry on my blog after my little one arrives which will fall in the “Birth and beyond” posts .. there will be a post all about my labour , the birth and after which will be so exciting to write out I’m sure. But for now I hope my little posts through this amazing experience have brought some insight , reassurance, laughter and even if people can relate to one or two of the things I’ve talked about I’d be happy. It’s going to be amazing looking back on this experience with all the notes I’ve kept , to read to the boys or look back on for my own keep sake. I’m so proud of myself and my boys .. our family will soon be complete and life will begin again for us all , a family of four 🌱


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