The Ugly 🧦

( 22 weeks / 2nd trimester )

So 22 weeks have passed , and although I’ve not managed to do to much ‘blogging’ I am doing my best to write down little notes about how I’m feeling, symptoms and other memorable thoughts and feelings I’ll be able to look back on once my little one is here, and maybe compare to future pregnancies. My energy levels are lacking this week, and apart from having what I am now calling “episodes” whilst out in public .. all is well.

Apart from being totally in love with being pregnant and everything that comes with it, there are some ugly aspects … Undesirable and embarrassing things that come with growing a life. The episodes I referred to being my worst flaw of this pregnancy at the moment .. let me explain. I will be out with my boys (my little one and partner) in town having a nose, food shopping , running errands and in the middle or whatever I’m doing all of a sudden I will come over all fuzzy , my ears pop and my hearing starts to fade. Then my eyesight goes blury and sometimes goes all together. Leaving me completely blind and in darkness for 5-10 minutes. If you were a stranger passing us by in Iceland you’d think I was mental. Almost in tears clinging to the shopping trolley for dear life. Other times I manage to spot the sings before these devil episodes take my senses and run out of said shop leaving my boys looking very lost without me and confused.

Luckily I’ve filled my partner in on what’s going on when I have one of these attacks , and despite feeling like a complete invalid I manage to get through them after 15-20 minutes of acting incapable. I feel so guilty that we can’t even go out to do a bloody food shop without mummy having a ‘funny five minutes’ it takes the fun away from the outing even if it’s just to get a few groceries. Like other mum’s instead of ringing my midwife Im confident with the amount of googling I did on the subject I’ve decided my self diagnosis is not drinking enough water , and the hot weather were having.

A hairy belly and crampy legs are much more manageable then these stupid episodes. A hairy belly ? Yes… Although we like to show our smooth round bumps off we’ve probably spent a good twenty minutes somewhat before hand plucking single hairs from our bellys.. I am at the moment growing a coat for winter. Thin fine dark blonde hairs are starting to cover my tummy, as if I were preparing for winter , you can but laugh. Crampy legs are a pain but just another typical second trimester symptom so I’ve heard. Waking me in the middle of the night with agony as the cramp literally spreads over the back of my leg to the point I yell out. These bad boys hurt.

Obsessive thoughts … Worrying about cleaning EVERYTHING ( nesting is turning out to be a bitch right now) worrying about whether to do the big nappy and baby essentials shop now or later .. is it to soon to do it now ? Whether I’ll have enough time to get everything sorted before babies arrival in October ( still a few months away so yes Charlotte .. you have time) getting rid of all the interior in the house and replacing it with new stuff .. even down to the carpets , curtians and lampshades. Things the baby won’t care about , be able to use or apriciate but we have a baby coming so everything has to be new ! We need new stuff to mark this magical new chapter in our lives!!!!!! Agggghhhhh.

And would you believe it .. Braxton Hicks. Yes already. At 22 weeks I’m having them pretty much every night , and sometimes five minutes apart. They don’t hurt but are a little uncomfortable. I remember these from my first pregnancy. Although they didn’t start till later on last time. This pregnancy they’ve made an appearance much sooner. So after my stupid episodes robbing me of sight and sound in supermarkets , a hair belly , crampy legs and Braxton Hicks letting me know everything is progressing and preparing me for the brutal but beautiful event that will be my little ones birth in 18 weeks and my obsessive thoughts about pretty much everything i am taking it all on the chin and carrying on. At least I have water to drink more of, tweezers for my hairy belly, hot water for a bath to soothe my legs, a healthy baby letting me know he’s coming soon , and green tea to soothe my overwhelming obsessive thoughts.. I guess the ugly have purpose too 💕 🌱


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