Almost countdown time! ⏳

( 29 week feelings ) Kicking straight off with symptoms With turning 29 weeks Friday just gone; the 30 week mark is fast approaching, and with this I'm feeling all the strains of the third and final trimester. My Braxton Hicks are getting even more frequent then before (which is ALOT) and they are very … Continue reading Almost countdown time! ⏳


Walking barefoot 🍃

( Let go every now and again )27 weeks Another week down. A lot of emotions rushing around  my mind and body this week. On Friday I will be another week closer to holding my baby because on Friday I will be 28 weeks. That's right... 12 weeks till due date! The weeks are flying … Continue reading Walking barefoot 🍃

Little big problems of magical creatures 🌼

( second trimester problems ) Growing and growing and growing .. a wonderful amazing thing to be able to watch your tummy get bigger and bigger knowing the little life inside is growing bigger by the day. Learning new things , each week a milestone for its development. Getting ready to make his grand arrival … Continue reading Little big problems of magical creatures 🌼