( what’s in my hospital bag, my birthing plan and after)

Be prepared.. this is just a little look into my hospital bag and the preparations planned for my second time giving birth , my birth plan and plans for home 🌱

I am writing this early and didn’t intend to publish this post until nearer my due date but with all the excitement of this pregnancy and being prepared I couldn’t wait any longer .

So my hospital bag is a Welavila large changing bag from Amazon. It’s not expensive and costs around £23.99 , it’s lovely in colour and size and is perfect for hospital. I spent quite a while browsing hospital bags to find the right one for the right price. Actually I spent weeks. Yes .. a lot of effort for a bag. But it had to be the right one. Ive wrote a little list of everything the bag will include .. not everyone will pack the same stuff but considering the birth plan myself and my partner have gone for. We will need quite a few things hense why I needed a large bag. Plus you should always be prepared to stay in hospital overnight as labour isn’t always a quick and easy thing .

So my hospital bag includes ..

  • Nursing nightwear
  • Dressing gown
  • Slippers
  • Comfy pants (big ones) X3
  • Disposable pants X3
  • Maternity pads
  • Nursing bras X2
  • Breast pads
  • Baby wipes
  • Cotton wool
  • Nappies X10 (be prepared)
  • Baby bodysuits X2
  • Baby sleepsuits X2
  • Mittins (baby)
  • Socks (me & baby)
  • Hand and nail cream
  • Shampoo (me)
  • Conditioner (me)
  • Body wash (me)
  • Hair brush
  • Face cream
  • Deodorant
  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Towels X3
  • Muslim cloths
  • Spare clothes (comfy)
  • Clothes to go home in
  • Birthing plan and notes

So like I said quite a few items there. Plus my partner will have his own bag of spare clothes and toiletries. But it is better to have to much then to little. Always be safe not sorry.

Our birth plan we planned together, and after much thought and researching we have opted for a water birth. I had a normal birth with my first son. I can’t say it was that pleasant , bright lights of the ward, little room , people rushing around all over the place it wasn’t so much private. But I’ve read alot about the new water birthing unit and pools they have at Treliske hospital where I will give birth and they look and sound amazing. They are very private unlike the beds on the wards , and I’ve done a lot of research about water birth as a whole and it’s definitely something I want to try. I am adamant I want to have a water birth this time around. The only problem is with water births you cannot have the epidural for pain relief , the only pain relief will be gas and air. On my first born I had the epidural and gas and air. However the fact I’m unable to have the injection this time is not off-putting. Infact I’m quite keen to try and do this myself without pain relief. Possibly gas and air I will except but I’m happy to go without the other forms of pain relief. I want to feel the full force of this amazing adventure no matter how painful. I’m ready.

It may not go as smoothly as I have planned. And I may have to get out the birthing pool if there is a problem and have a birth out of water. Which I’m hoping won’t be the case. But we’ll see. My partner plans to accompany me in the pool , to be help me bring our little one into the world which i think is an amazing idea. Staying overnight I’m not to fussed about either. As I will have packed for all possible outcomes. I did have to stay overnight a extra night with my first born I developed a temperature during Labour and they wanted to keep an eye on me for another 24 hours. So staying overnight would be fine with me if necessary.

Going home … The best bit. Being able to take our little one home to be introduced to his big brother is a very exciting thing to look forward to. My partner will have our travel system all loaded in the car when we go into hospital when I’m in labour all sorted for the journey home. Ready to start our new lives and a family of four. I am so excited writing this. I get excited writing all my posts for my blog but this one has been a joy to write. Seeing all our hopes and plans on paper in writing makes it all seem so much more real . My little one is kicking my tummy as I type, probably because he can feel my heart beating that little bit faster with excitement. If only he knew it was all for him

So this has been ‘Whats in my hospital bag , birthing plan and after’ post. I hope others can relate to and gain insight and ideas for their own birthing plans. I’d probably end with pack as much as you think you need. Always be prepared and ready, and relax. This is a magical exciting time for us .. we are allowed to go overboard , pack to much, spend a little to much , post a few to many pictures. This is our time. Express your joy and happiness for your new adventure as much as you like. It’s yours. Happy birthings to all the new mums to be 🌱💕


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