Looking forward 🍂🍁

( Nearing 30 weeks )

So we’re nearing the 30 week mark! At the end of this week we will have hit 27 weeks. My little one is a very active little baby, I am constantly feeling him move around from within , those tiny little flutters have turned into full blown punches and kicks to the ribs , lifting my skin showing off the summersaults he is learning day by day. There isn’t anything like it. Although for the past four weeks or so he has been hanging out quite high up in my ribs which isn’t the least bit comfortable to say the least.

Recent symptoms

Other recent symptoms have included really bad heart burn, my ankles and legs look slightly bigger; like I’ve hit the gym with a bucket of steroids.. but I’m not gaining anywhere but my legs and ankles.. thickkkkk. Still getting really bad “episodes” of breathlessness and dizziness. Had to call the midwife a few times because of them. But I’m just trying to keep hydrated as much as I can and take it as easy as I need to. Sleeping is becoming an absolute struggle. I cannot go a whole night of sleep. I struggle to get to sleep , struggle to stay asleep , tossing and turning to no end, getting up to pee at least 3-4 times a night and always wake up early. My growing bump is becoming so heavy and even turning over in my sleep is a struggle and I end up completely out of breath just from changing position. Nesting is still well under way, lots of cleaning and preparing for the new arrival which has to be my favourite symptom. Purley because my kinda nesting doesn’t just consist of cleaning, it involves changing rooms , buying new interior for the house. Colour coordinating everything , collecting baby things. Continuously buying new bits for our new little one so he has everything he needs, painting , re arranging pretty much everything in the house, planning out where I’ll feed , where all of baby’s clothes and belongings will be, making sure my baby and I are as comfortable as can be, not forgetting my oldest child and making sure he won’t feel to left out with my new responsibilities to this little baby , giving him a newly decorated playroom and a few new toys to decorate it. It just consists of so much more then cleaning. It’s preparing. Literally preparing for each and every one of us , my partner , my oldest boy , my new baby and of course myself.

I can’t say I don’t enjoy the “over preparing nesting” it’s very fun, and I get so excited at the sight of a new blanket or a tub of paint because I know each little thing I buy or collect means I’m a little bit more organized then before and things are moving forward very quickly. I don’t have many worries or fears of when our newest addition joins us. Apart from my oldest boy who is now four years old taking the adjustment in the wrong way. It’s a big thing to except another addition to our family for such a little mind. Having his dad and myself to himself for all his life and suddenly having to share us with a tiny little baby who will demanding attention and time pretty much constantly might come as a shock but I’m confident it won’t take to long for the change to sink in and eventually it’ll feel normalised for him. I may be worrying over nothing and he may not feel these things. But if I did have to list a fear it would be him feeling left out or forgotten about. But I am going to distribute my time between them both well and make sure he knows I am still here and he is still my baby aswell. My newborn will be no more my baby then my four year old . Plus he will be going through the big change of moving from pre-school to big school. So that’s another massive change hell be adjusting to the same time our little one will be making his arrival. I just hope he doesn’t have to much change all at once. Were going to be keeping a eye out anyway and make sure he knows he is as much loved before our new addition as he is now.

Things we have coming up in the next four weeks

In the next four weeks I will be hitting just over 30 weeks! Less then 10 weeks till the arrival! Not much left to organise except two more midwife appointments as they don’t see you as much on your second child compared to your first. Especially if your lucky enough to have had a previous pregnancy with no complications which thankfully I am. Then it’s the baby shower ,a bump painting which I’m so looking forward to as I didn’t have one with my first and last but not least check out the birthing pools at the hospital where we will be bringing our baby into the world. ( Info on my birthing plan and our plan for our water birth in ‘whats in my hospital bag’ post).

Other things coming up is just simple decorating the house. Replastering , and painting of the rooms. Which I’m excited about. Yes I’m excited about new walls! It’s about time they had abit of TLC. Putting the cot up , and the chest of draws for baby’s things etc general last minute organising and we are ready baby!!

My other half has been amazing through this pregnancy. With his patience with me, making sure I have everything I need, helping me with our son. He’s been an absolute diamond. My sister’s are the same. Constantly checking I’m alright and helping out with my son if I’m really run down or have errands to run . I’m so lucky to have so many babysitters at hand . My family really are the best. Obviously my sister’s are already fighting about who will babysit the boys for us if needs be. So I’m going to have to share a few babysitting duties out between them all . It’s so lovely to have all this love going round. My boys are never going to run out of it. They are so loved by every single member of my family and one of them doesn’t even know how much yet because he’s still cooking inside my tummy . I can’t wait to introduce him to this wonderful unit which is his family.

Looking forward

I am so looking forward to my little ones birth and the first few months. He will be born in autumn so I’m looking forward to long walks through the fallen leaves with my boys one helping me push the Pram the other fast asleep inside it, hand in hand with my partner. Halloween , dressing them up in costumes and taking them both trick or treating. Bonfire night, taking the boys to see the firework displays although my youngest may not like the big bang’s much. Looking forward to Christmas Eve all sat around the tree together with candles and blankets and Christmas movies. Our first Christmas as a family of four. Seeing the new year in together , maybe a cheeky glass of wine for me. Even though I’m planning on breast feeding and won’t be drinking.. one won’t hurt or so I hear. Maybe half a glass just to be safe. so many exciting new adventures for us all. I can’t contain my excitement most of the time. I’m the happiest I’ve been in all my life. Everything worked out. All the bad times and struggles. Finally paying off and being this excited about our future is an amazing thing to feel. The best drug in the world. If only I’d known about this one sooner… ( A pun for my closest)



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